Family Finances/Credit Issues/Money Problems?
Using the lemon law may pay you thousands of dollars without you ever
having to give up your present vehicle! Often in less than 45 days!

Are thinking of selling or trading-in your present vehicle? Read this first!

Times are tough. Consumers must use every available resource to get through these challenging economic times. One of the most valuable resources to offset this may be your car, truck, van, or SUV!

Did you know that if your new or used vehicle that is under warranty, has had repeated problems, you may be a candidate to receive a lemon law settlement of a substantial cash payment from the automobile manufacturer and still be able to keep your vehicle? The answer can be YES.

Though our California lemon law calls for the manufacturer to buy back or replace a vehicle found to meet lemon law criteria, in many of these same cases we have a very high success rate in getting the manufacturer to settle for a cash payment to the car owner, and at the same time the owner keeps their car. We call this “cash & keep”.

What if you do want a buy back and your money refunded? That’s what the lemon law is! You see, there are many ways to “settle” a lemon law case. The expertise of the attorney is tantamount to the potential outcome of every case, which is exactly why you are at the website of California’s largest lemon law firm.

Thinking about trading in or selling that vehicle? WAIT! We may be able to get you a “cash & keep” settlement, then you go into the dealership and buy or lease that next car. More money down means lower vehicle or lease payments. It only makes sense.

Consumers ask “what will it cost me out-of-pocket?” Answer- NOTHING. We pursue our cases on a “contingency fee” basis, which means that when a settlement is reached, you get 90% and we get 10% - more than equitable – and without any financial investment or risk to you.

What makes you qualify? A vehicle under new (or used Certified Pre-Owned) manufacturer’s warranty that has had repeated trips back to the dealers shop for warranty work, or, a vehicle which has had just too many collective days in the shop getting repaired can be qualifying candidates for a lemon law case. There are some vehicles that just spend, collectively, too many days in the shop. The vehicle must not be already traded-in, repossessed, or behind in multiple monthly payments.

It costs nothing for a FREE case review but a few minutes of your time. See if you qualify! Call us at the toll-free number below. It could mean thousands of dollars in your pocket. What are you waiting for? Call us NOW.

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The Law Offices of William R McGee, California’s largest lemon law firm, where you will find an abundance of consumer friendly information, you can get your lemon law questions answered, have a toll-free number to call for personalized service, and find out all about our California Lemon Law and how it applies to your “lemon” vehicle.

In California, a “lemon” is a vehicle that has, in its simplest form, been subject to an unreasonable number of repair attempts for the same defect/symptom while under the manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty (or certified pre-owned factory warranty). Certain parts of our lemon law also provide for vehicles that have spent too many days in the shop cumulatively during the first 18 months or 18,000 miles of new vehicle ownership (or lease). Some vehicle’s can qualify for California lemon law protection simply by the sheer number of dealership repair visits during warranty.

CLICK HERE if you would like to have a free case evaluation in less than 1 hour by our attorneys.

Are you just starting your information collecting journey on lemon law, but have some questions? Please call us toll-free so we can address your questions without delay. After 20 years and almost 9,000 California lemon law cases settled, we feel confident that we can answer your questions effectively – and in a non-technical  conversational exchange that you can understand and be comfortable with.

The California lemon law is for consumers who purchased or leased their vehicles from car dealerships in California. The warranty repairs visits must be performed by authorized dealerships of the cars manufacturer in California – not by out-of-state dealers.

What does the consumer have to pay to hire our firm to represent them in their California lemon law case? In most cases – nothing. Our California lemon law statute has a provision for attorney’s fees and costs, making hiring our firm a practical reality without out-of-pocket fees or costs. Some cases are not “straight-forward” (read: difficult) and will require a contingency fee to be paid at the successful conclusion, with the vehicle owner assuming a small deduction from the refund proceeds upon a “win”. Upon review of your provided documents (and before ever deciding to hire us), you will be provided with a worksheet of the monetary damages we will be seeking on your behalf, as well as a Retainer Agreement that will spell out – clearly – if your case is will be done at no charge to you, or there will be a “contingency fee”. Remember, there are many cases that are “difficult” cases that may or may not be ‘won’, but nonetheless have merit and have to be pursued! Our firm does not just take the “easier” cases.

What if your vehicle is registered to your business? It still may qualify if the business has 5 or less vehicle’s (any type of motorized vehicle) registered to it. More than 5 disqualifies for California lemon law protection.

Do you want to read testimonials from our past clients? CLICK HERE

Just 5 years ago, there were only a small handful of lemon law attorneys practicing in California – our firm being one of them. Now there are over 46 attorneys “practicing” California lemon law. Note we said “practicing”, as many of them have less than 3 years experience. There are even firms that are based out-of-state, but have “set-up shop” in California. How does a consumer decide who to trust their lemon law case with?  The answer to that question will be answered the first time you call our firm. Whether calling in for the first time for information, or hiring us, or during the progression and conclusion of your case, you are always treated like family. The true benchmark of the firm you hire is how you are treated. We are already California’s largest lemon law firm. We earn every clients trust and business – one at a time.

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