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Pursuing a lemon law case in California requires not only an experienced attorney firm, but one that has the skills to effectively negotiate with the automobile manufacturers lawyers and legal representatives to produce the desired results – a settlement or “win” of the client’s lemon law case.

The Law Offices of William R. McGee have developed the experience and skills that allow us to achieve a stunning 99% success rate in recovering for our clients in their lemon law cases. We have successfully pursued automobile manufacturers in California lemon law cases with only 1% of the cases ever having to go to court.

Our California lemon law has been enforced for California consumers statewide for over 19 years by our law firm. We have pursued thousands of lemon law cases to success for our clients.

Hiring the largest lemon law firm in California offers many benefits to the consumer. Many cases are settled very quickly in only 7-10 days, with vehicle’s often being returned to the manufacturer and refunds (or new vehicle replacements) being made just 2-3 weeks after settlement is reached, getting consumers out of their defective vehicle as quickly as possible. With choosing our firm, there are no “up front” fees. Consultations are free. Case reviews are free. 

In the event that a automobile manufacturer is resistant to settling a case, we will pursue legal remedy (lawsuit) to enforce the lemon law and our clients right to recovery. Though the need for a court trial is very rare for our firm, the automobile manufacturers know we are one of the most experienced lemon law trial lawyer firms in the state of California, calling upon 19 years of litigation and trial experience. 

Our firm pursues not only the California lemon law, but also pursues the highest level of client satisfaction through effective client-attorney communications. With 19 years of working with consumers, we understand how frustrating dealing with a defective vehicle can be, and how the attorney-client communication relationship can make the stress of a defective vehicle lemon law claim a positive experience, yielding positive results. We invite you to call us today.

The Law Offices of William R. McGee
The California Lemon Law Specialists
California’s Largest Lemon Law Firm
19 years of lemon law excellence serving California consumers.

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